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At Home Ground we have been lucky to landscape a wide variety of gardens in Cheshire, and have enjoyed working with clients to develop their ideas into reality. This garden was a chance to break away from our trademark modern style. The client had identified an area in the grounds of the property that he wanted to enhance. The design brief was - a traditional box hedge garden with a central water feature. We worked closely with the client to develop the final garden design. The lawn area was cleared and levelled using a 3 ton machine and dumper. We removed approximately 80 tonnes of surface material in order to level the site. The plot was marked out and sub base material of Type one MOT laid over geo textile terram. This laid foundtaion to the new sandstone cobbles, which deliniate the pathways. In order to create an instant garden we used 1 metre troughs of buxus sempiverens, using two sizes of the box hedge gives a wonderful established deep green hedgerow. The four areas of planting accentuate the symmetry if the garden, and neatly retain the established rose plants.The central feature is a seven foot tall 3 tier sandstone water feature. This generates a wonderful acoustic accomapaniment to the wonderful colours of the scented roses. The water trickles softly over each tier, dropping down into each bowl, the sound echoes all over the new garden. The paths were created using 10mm cotswald chippings, the golden colour creates a wonderful colour contrast against the plum slate. The planting of established colourful and scented roses, splahses the garden with colour and aroma.The existing Indian Sandstone patio area was extended to accomodate a family table and chairs. This was retained by a dwarf wall and pillars, with the bricks carefully slected to match the house. The inclusion of rose arch walk way accentuates the strong lines of the garden, and adds height to the new formal garden. The existing curved boundary wall was used to house a good sized rockery. This organic area creates a garden within a garden environment, and plays host to a variety of soft grasses and alpines, with vibrant dashes of colour from heucheras, hostas and more established planting. The project was completed in August 2012. Please view the online video of this project:

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