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This landscaping project in Wilmslow really comes alive after dark thanks to the installation of our integrated garden lighting system. The garden lighting was to be an integral part of this project and everything was done to ensure that each part of the garden produced a spectacle after dark The hardwood dekcing area is adorned with led decking up lights, led post lamps and wall mounted led lights all providing practical but ambient lighting. This is further enhanced by installing a slow change coloured led strip to the decortaive wall panels, slowly shifting through an array of wonderful colours, adding further flair and ambience to the hard wood deck area. The use of led uplights in the plant beds provides further mood lighting, accentuating the stylised planting. The floating bench also benefits from a colour changing led, creating a fun visual from afar. The use of a wise box system allows the clients to control the lighting scheme by remote, this also acts as the interface for both water features too. As the client retreats to the house after al fresco summer time dining, it is merely a case of switching the lights off using a remote control fob switch. No unwanted wires or switches cluttering up the house, or switches hidden away in the garage. The lighting shceme accentuates this modern outdoor room, it adds mood and effect to the garden area and with the inclusion of a BOSE outdoor speaker system it provides the perfect place to entertain until the small hours of the summer nights. This landscaping and garden lighting project in Wilmslow was constructed in August 2013. The cost for the lighting scheme was £3700.

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