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This garden design project was a fantatsic oppurtunity to work with my favourite plants..Grasses! The choices of colours, sizes and textures available when using grasses is unlimted and we were spoilt for choice The front garden was lacking interest, the client wished to create a statement at the front of the house, the new front garden wasto be warm and welcoming, with vibrant colours all year round. After a design consultation it was agreed that a grasses landscape would welcome visitors and the clients to the house. The lawn truf was lifted and excavated allowing for a reclaimed sleeper pathway to cut through the new garden This would guide the foot traffic through the new garden to the house, ensuring the new area could be appreciated up close. The reclaimed sleepers were also used to terrace the garden, allowing us to plant at different heights adding further interest to the garden area. Approximately 8 tonnes of loose decorative aggreagte was laid under the new planting, this supresses the weeds, but also gives a fantastic contrast of texture and colour to the new area The grasses speak for themselves, the variety of colour and seasonal display make it a wonderful soothing garden to enjoy all year round. This landscpaing project was completed in 14 days at a cost of £11000.

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