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This landscape design and construction project in Altrincham Cheshire was undertaken during the months of May and June in 2017. Working alongside Award Winning Garden Designer Matt Nicol Garden Design,  Home Ground Landscape Gardening was instructed to completely overhaul this generous outdoor space. The clients vision was very clear - they wanted to transform the garden into a modern outdoor room which could be used for entertaining and relaxing all year round.

Having worked with Matt Nicol Garden Design to provide a comprehensive scaled garden design the client duly appointed Home Ground Landscape Gardening to undertake the re-landscaping of their garden in Altrincham in Cheshire. 

The key areas to this landscaping project in Altrincham were new areas of terraced paving and patio areas - with a sloping garden the client had little area in which to entertain during the summer and new patio and paving areas were curial in order to make full use of their outdoor space. 

Bespoke Cedar Garden Fencing provided additional privacy and detail to this landscape design in Altrincham. The warm tones of the cedar fencing contrast perfectly against the dark basalt and granite paving and patio areas. The cedar fencing adds a contemporary finish to the garden design whist being practical and dryable enough to provide a secure and strong fence line .  

The black Basalt and flamed granite paving were chosen for the paving areas, the stunning 50mm thick bullnose paving stones added presence and impact to the steps all of which provided a striking contemporary finish adding presnece and purpose to the steps up into the house.

Working to the scaled garden design produced by Matt Nicol, despite encoutering some awful unseasonal weather  Home Ground Design and Construction were able to build this garden over a period of 7 week. Whilst access allowd for digger and dumper use, careful thought was given to the undertaking of the initial groundworks and drainage. A new polyurethene water pipe was run 60 metres to the bottom of the garden and the lawn cleared using a 3 ton digger.

The main patio areas were carefully measured out and excavted to recieve footings and form work.

Once levelled the Home Ground Landscape Gardening team set about constructing the new garden. Blue engineering bricks were laid to form the raised garden beds and step risers, followed by the laying the patio and paving areas in the 50mm thick Bsalt and Granite paving. 

New Cedar screens and fencing were constructed as too was a new fence line behind the garage - replacing an old waney panel fence with a new contempoary Jacksons Fencing Panel. . A landing area of dutch clay paviers breaks up the centre of the garden, neatly flanked either side by 2 hand built timber obelsiks.

In order to fully transform this garden in Altrincham Cheshire a genrous planting scheme was included in the garden design. This included a variety of modern structural planting accompnaied by softer more seasonal colour. Box Hedging Balls were planted in order to add shape and colour to the patio and paving terraces, the spherical natural shape contrast against the stong modern angles of the bassalt paving. The area behind the garage was planted with Liquid Amber Gum Balls on a 2.5 metre clear stem - these show stopping trees transform a forgotten aprt of the garden into a real show piece. 

The beds and borders were planted with a mix of perrenial and seasonal planting, with climbing plants set next to the hand built wooden obeslisks. 

This bold but balanced planting scheme adds detail and colour to every part of the garden without the ned for endless hours of garden maintenance. 

This landscape design project in Altrincham Cheshire, set many challenges for the  Home Ground Team, but hopefully you will agree the hard work was worth it. We cant wait to return to this garden design project in 2018 to see first hand how the planting scheme has developed and matured over the course of a year. 

If you are interested in our landscaping services or garden design services in Altrincham or the surrounding area we woudl be pleased to hear from you. Our services range from designing intimate urban retreats to landscaping expansive rural pastures. 



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